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Stratrix is a treasure trove of Theories to Tools, Frameworks to Fables, Concepts to Case Studies, Insights to Interviews, Best Practices to Book Recommendations, (Not So) Trivia to Templates, and everything else to accelerate your professional excellence.


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Whether you are a corporate executive, consultant, process owner, or strategist, you will find relevant information, insights, and products to elevate your performance. Accelerating your excellence is our primary objective.

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Business Methods/Frameworks

  • Management Concepts
  • Business Theories
  • Industry-specific Corporate Strategies
  • Consulting Frameworks
  • Assessment Questionnaires

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  • Strategy
  • Consulting
  • Leadership
  • Product
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Digital Transformation
  • Emerging Technologies

Industry/Sector-specific Tools/Templates

  • Industry Overviews
  • Corporate Strategy Samples
  • Flywheel Models
  • Business Model Canvases (Osterwalder)
  • Value Chain Analysis
  • Strategy Maps (Kaplan/Norton)
  • Five Force Models (Porter)

Products and Tools

  • Pre-built and Ready-to-Use Products, Toolkits, and Templates for jumpstarting your work and accelerating time to Value.


Stratrix offers insights, opinions, and analysis on important business, strategy, and leadership matters.
Majority of the articles are at the intersection of strategy, business and technology.


Transformation Mishaps

Top 10 Reasons Your Bold Leap Forward Turns into a Belly Flop: A Guide to Transformation Mishaps. Enterprise transformations are ambitious [...] Read More


The Ultimate Guide to Leadership Styles.

The Ultimate Guide to Leadership Styles. Leadership Styles Leadership is a multifaceted concept that goes beyond simply having authority over others; it involves guiding, inspiring, [...] Read More


What is Strategy - famous people

Strategy: Confused? You're not alone. Here's what the Masters say (in under a minute). Michael Porter, Competitive Strategy Guru: "Strategy is choosing to perform [...] Read More

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

CXO (Chief Experience Officer) - KPIs

Top KPIs for CXOs 1.Overall Customer Satisfaction (CSAT): Measures overall customer satisfaction with the company’s products and services. 2.Net Promoter Score (NPS): [...] Read More


Stratrix offers tools, templates, guidebook, and other deliverables to accelerate your time to success.

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