Stratrix.com is a trusted source for management frameworks, business concepts, and leadership insights. We offer insights, advisory services, topic briefings, customizable templates, and accelerators. While we may offer some PowerPoint slides or Excel Templates, we are not a pureplay design template vendor. What we offer are domain expertise and strategic consulting and encapsulate the same into various formats.

Stratrix.com offerings span the following:

  • KnowNOW
    • KnowNOW is manually curated content spanning management theories, strategy concepts, consulting frameworks, business news stories, and leadership insights.
  • Insights
    • Insights feature analysis and opinion on key topics that matter to our audience. Our expert authors and contributors analyze the news and trends, follow burning issues in the broader space, and pen thoughtful insights that are informative and enlightening.
  • Concept Briefings
    • Briefings are in-depth presentations on crucial concepts intended to provide business-ready presentation slides that can be used directly (with or without changes). The briefings can get you up to speed in a hurry and make you an expert in the topic matter readily.
  • Advisory and Consulting Service
    • Stratrix.com offers rapid research, quick consulting, and pragmatic advisory services spanning various functional areas, strategic and execution issues, and transformation program needs.

In most large companies, for every transformation project, teams spend a lot more time on artifacts, rather than focusing on execution and outcomes. Stratrix.com believes that somewhere between 50-75% of the content is similar in most companies. By providing customizable deliverables, Stratrix intends to accelerate the time to completion of various artifacts and transformation deliverables.  Not only that, but when there is a base level of content available, it helps teams’ focus on the unique and specific things that may have been missed out otherwise.

Your internal teams can take our base deliverables, templates, and other artifacts and customize to your needs.  In addition, Stratrix.com offers advisory and consulting services and leverage the baseline accelerators and quickly customize to a company’s unique situation.  And in a few other cases, you may not necessarily use the content verbatim or customize it, but use it as a validation and cross-reference.

Stratrix.com specializes in eCommerce of digital products, customization services, and associated consulting engagements.  In select cases, we may accept sponsorships from reputable companies. We do not intend to depend on advertising. We also strive to maintain the highest levels of professional integrity and will not compromise our standards.

Digital products, by their very nature, are fully exposed and can be read, printed, distributed and retained.  So, a product return, unlike in the case of a toaster oven, does not apply.  We provide extensive product information. And the prices, in most cases, are less than the cost of coffee or dinner for the project team, or less than having a high-end consulting spend an hour or two asking questions. So please ask us questions, read the descriptions, but please realize there are no returns.  Please review our terms of service.

Consultants, by their very definition, work for more than one client. And most of them charge quite a bit:-) Good for you!  So, any accelerator that is going to be used across multiple clients needs to have higher pricing. It is the same as a “re-distribution license” where a data/service is used across more than one organization.  The value far outweighs the cost.

Most of our services are rapid, remote and result-oriented.  Things can range from domain oriented web research, customization of deliverables, crafting of new deliverables, briefings, second opinion, vendor research and evaluation et al. So instead of asking what exactly we do, contact us with anything where you want things quicker, cheaper, with less administrative and logistical burden, and better! If we can’t do it, we will let you know.

We’ve some internal resources and access to many other external consultants, and subject matter experts. In fact, much of the content on Stratrix.com is crafted by independent consultants. Depending on your need, Stratrix.com may execute on your request by using internal or external resources. On the other hand, if you need a named resource to work with you, we will offer a choice of our consultants and you can vet them and then hire them thru us.

We believe vendors are a great source of information, innovation, and standardization.  We’d love to partner with vendors by way of information dissemination, content partnerships, sponsorships and the like. Please contact us if you wish to partner with us.  Irrespective of the type of relationship, Stratrix shall maintain editorial independence and strict adherence to ethics and integrity.

Yes, absolutely. Many of the deliverables on Stratrix.com are crafted by independent consultants or other experts.  The primary consideration is you own the intellectual property, and have no conflict of interest. Then we can work with you to conceptualize and create the content.  You may remain anonymous and/or seek downstream consulting opportunities.