The Toxic Boss Checklist

The Toxic Boss ChecklistThe Toxic Boss Checklist helps you identify whether your boss is toxic or not. All toxic bosses share some awful qualities and creepy characteristics. So, it’s easy to check off the items and determine your boss is toxic and if so, to what extent.

A toxic boss creates an atmosphere of mistrust and fosters negative feelings among employees. A particularly bad boss can lead to low morale and cause high attrition.

And of course, if you are boss and are unsure whether you are toxic or not, the checklist below is a handy way to assess your own approach to management. (We wouldn’t call it leadership as toxic bosses can only manage, mostly by fiat and fear, and cannot truly lead people.)

Working for toxic bosses is an awful experience. Most of the time, employees are caught in a rock and hard place. Despite loving the company, working for a bad boss can make life miserable, stunt career growth, and adversely impact personal life and relationships. But leaving a well-paying job is not often an easy choice.

Dealing with toxic bosses is a story for another day. But today let’s examine what qualities and attributes characterize a bad boss.

    The Awful Qualities of Bad Bosses: The Toxic Boss Checklist

    • Toxic bosses divide and conquer.
    • They break the bonds of trust.
    • Gossip becomes the modus operandi of communication.
    • A bad boss takes all the credit and shares none of the blame
    • An awful manager demands loyalty rather than earn it.