Sharpening Brain Checklist

Sharpening the brain checklist is a set of simple strategies and practical ideas. The brain is your best asset, and keeping it fresh and sharp is a critical success factor.

Try one of these strategies and ideas to expand your mind and enjoy a whole new world of possibilities.

So, why should you sharpen your brain? Well, if you ask that question, then you gotta do the items in the checklist to sharpen your brain:-).


    Boosting your Brain Checklist: 20 ideas to sharpen your mind.

    • Join a club: Being with likeminded people and engaging in activities will help your mind and your soul.
    • Write something. Anything. A blog. An article. A poem.
    • Attend a lecture or seminar: Learning new things or reinforcing existing ideas.
    • Listen to classical music: If you are into music, music can be your muse.
    • Turn on public radio: Non-commercial channels provide documentaries and other things that go beyond popcorn entertainment.