Outsourcing Checklist

Outsourcing ChecklistOutsourcing Checklist is a handy list of items the process owner has to consider before hiring a provider for outsourcing. Outsourcing IT projects is an important endeavor, and it will help a great deal to have a comprehensive checklist for managing an outsourcing project.

Here is an Outsourcing Checklist that you can customize and use it for managing your business process and information technology outsourcing.

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Outsourcing Checklist

    Business Needs and Goals:

    • Does the project meet the threshold requirements for outsourcing?
    • Which types of expertise does the project require that is not available (capacity or talent pool internally?
    • What is the potential size of the tech team?
    • Do you need an onsite project manager?
    • Manage the team (staff augmentation) or are you outsourcing the overall project?