Fitness Tips for Professional Women Checklist

The Fitness Tips for Professional Women Checklist is a comprehensive set of items that working women can follow to stay active, get some exercise, and remain healthy.

For most of us – men and women of all stripes and ages – it is difficult to find time to exercise and be fit. And the challenge is exacerbated for working women, particularly those who have young children. Balancing work and life is a constant struggle of reprioritizing and deprioritizing and fitness and health often take a backseat to clear and present issues.

But fitness does not always mean a 45 run on the treadmill or a one-hour Zumba class or an hour-and-half at the yoga studio. While they are great, it is not the only way. There are several times in the day working women can do things that contribute to their fitness and wellbeing.

Fitness goals and needs vary across the spectrum. One working woman’s fitness may mean losing weight. For another, it is a moment to breathe and have some me time. For yet another, it is feeling in great shape to get a sense of empowerment in all other areas.

The following top 40 fitness tips for professional women will help you in incorporating ideas big and small to help you squeeze in moments that will contribute to physical, mental, and overall wellbeing.

While there are several other top fitness for working women checklists, what sets our apart is the ability to customize and use it online and check off items – so it is personal, live, and real. Please try it.

    Create a vision board for your physical fitness goals.

    • Envision how you will look in 5-years.
    • Be specific about your weight, appearance, BMI (Body Mass Index) and other measures.