Product Manager Definition

Product Manager Definition:

What is a Product Manager?

The definition of a product manager is simple and complicated at the same time. In short: “The Product Manager is a coordinator and conductor of an elaborate process for defining, developing, launching, growing, managing, and sunsetting products (or services).”

A more extended definition of a product manager includes the specifics about the role and the responsibility.

Defining the Role and Responsibilities of a Product Manager:

  • Product Manager Definition - Role and ResponsibilitesStrategy Interpreter – A product manager does not set the corporate strategy but synthesizes, clarifies, elaborates, and applies it to the product management function. (In some cases, the product manager is responsible for defining the strategy such as – Product Strategy, Go to Market Strategy.
  • Product Visionary – While the product ideas may emanate from any quarters, the product manager has to be the visionary who sees the big picture and accomplishes the vision and mission of the product. (For example, Steve Jobs may be the ultimate product visionary.)
  • Quarterback – A product manager does not own and does not have direct authority over many functions. But they are the quarterbacks that help coordinate and coalesce various teams to a common objective of taking a product through its lifecycle.
  • Gatekeeper – A product manager must be a strong leader and custodian of the product. If a product manager cannot adhere to strict standards or let every product request creep in, it will be to the detriment of the product vision. The product manager also manages the product roadmap in a manner that does not compromise the integrity of the product vision.
  • Communicator – A product manager must possess the ability to communicate – concisely, coherently, and compellingly – with internal stakeholders and external audiences.
  • Advocate – The product manager must genuinely own the product and be an ardent proponent and champion. (In large firms, where there are competing products/portfolios, such advocacy will be the difference between continued investment or the product concept withering away.)

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