Time Management Checklist

Time Management ChecklistThe Time Management Checklist is a simple way to evaluate how efficient and effective you are in managing your time.

Time is the most precious commodity and it seems like we are always long on the to-do lists and short on time. Often, we run from task to task, or in most large corporations, meeting to meeting and then feel like we have not accomplished much at the end of the day.

Its time to take control of how you spend your time and improve your productivity. Having a grasp on your schedule will reduce your stress and make you feel in charge.

A starting point is using the time management self-assessment checklist and identifies what areas require improvements. Of course, identifying areas of improvement is not sufficient to actually create a plan of action and inculcating those best practices. But it’s a start.

So, how do you plan and use the time on your hand? Let’s not waste any time and begin now. Please check off each of the items on the list that apply to you.

Time Management Checklist – Self Assessment and Evaluation

    How good are you in Planning and Organizing your schedule?

    • I clarify my priorities.
    • I set challenging and realistic goals.
    • I keep a to-do list of tasks and projects.
    • I evaluate my progress regularly.
    • I take refreshing breaks during work.