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Stratrix Win Loss Analysis Template is a set of guidelines and deliverables that enables a company to evaluate why they won or lost a big deal and codify those learning into future sales endeavors.  The models are customizable and applicable to any business to business sales situations.

What is Win Loss Analysis? A Simple Definition

Win-Loss Analysis is the detailed analysis that enterprises conduct to evaluate why they won or lost a specific deal to provide insights, lessons, and best practices going forward to minimize losses and increase revenues.  While most companies tend to conduct an analysis when they lose a deal, winning firms do it when they win or lose – so a win provides best practices to continue to follow, and the loss offers valuable lessons of mistakes that were committed during the sales process.

What is the Win Loss Analysis Template?

A Win Loss Template is a tool to help sales managers, account heads, and business owners conduct a win/loss analysis at a company after a sales win or a loss.  The Win-Loss Template provides structure, guidelines, and guardrails on how to conduct the win/loss evaluation. Having a template also allows for comparing previous deal analysis and draw insights from a broader set of wins and losses.

Stratrix Win/Loss template helps avoid the challenge of creating a model from scratch when you’ve better things to do.

What does the Stratrix Win Loss Template include?

Stratrix Win Loss Analysis Template (AKA Win/Loss Template) includes:

  • A PowerPoint Template to present the win-loss analysis.
  • A Word document with sample questions to ask a customer.
  • An Excel Spreadsheet template to calculate the win-loss ratio and conduct the win/loss analysis.
  • A PDF document with guidelines on how to conduct the Win-Loss Analysis.

Who should use the Stratrix Win-Loss Template?

The template is useful for sales managers and account managers inB2B (Business to Business) situations. Also, it will help individual consultants or solo entrepreneurs who sell to business customers.

Stratrix can customize the Win-Loss Template to specific industry verticals, functional areas, or services.


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Win Loss Analysis Template


Licensing Options
Product FAQs