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Technology Strategy for the Digital Age is an executive briefing that outlines the changing business and IT landscape and provides a framework for how IT Strategy must also change to match these realities. The Technology Strategies for the Digital Age includes a playbook and a template on how to craft a compelling IT Strategy and Plan based on the principles and practices outlined in the deliverable.

What is Technology Strategy for the Digital Age?

Traditionally, Information Technology had a perception as a “Can’t live without it. Can’t live with it” proposition. Now, with the advent of a wave of digital technologies, robust tools, and practical methodologies, the role of IT has undergone a revolution. Today, the purpose of IT is a strategic partner, a catalyst for technology-driven business innovation, and an enabler of new business models. Hence, CIOs have to formulate an IT strategy that is in tune with the new realities.

Experts point out that a strategy for the digital age is not the same as a digital strategy.

What are seismic changes for IT in the Digital Age?

The megatrends and paradigm shifts that have changed the role of IT range from cloud, mobility, analytics, social media, cognitive technologies that are having a significant impact across the enterprise landscape.  Methodologies like DevOps have blurred the lines between development and deployment. Concepts like APIs, Containers, As-a-Service offerings have contributed to IT shedding a lot of the old baggage.

What does Technology Strategy for the Digital Age Toolkit include?

  • Technology Strategy Toolkit includes a summary of critical internal and external drivers that are transforming the IT function, such as changes in business strategy, operating models, digital technologies, et al.
  • A review of where IT currently succeeds and falls short in serving business needs, and how IT can once again become a catalyst.
  • A future-state vision for IT, including the necessary IT Strategy tools and frameworks to achieve this vision.
  • A sample IT Strategy roadmap, including a step-by-step guide for how to approach each key component in the framework.

Outline of Technology Strategy for the Digital Age Toolkit and Templates?

~70 information-rich PowerPoint slides

A broad overview of the technology strategy imperatives and practical ways to incorporate ideas into your IT Strategy.

What does it not include?

  • No primary research or original forecasts.
  • No in-depth vendor evaluations or rankings.
  • No quantitative business case.

How to use the IT Strategy Toolkit for the Digital Age?

  • Technology strategy toolkit for the digital age helps technology leaders understand the key factors underlying the need for a change in IT Strategy.
  • Compares the current assessment of the general IT department to your organization to identify where changes occur.
  • Helps utilize the IT Strategy approach as a basis for your own organization’s IT Strategy deliverable, including using slides and content that fits you and modifying the other portions to make it specific and relevant to your firm’s profile.

IT Strategy in the Digital Age Playbook and Templates Content Outline:

  • IT, Historically Speaking
  • The IT Landscape is Changing
  • IT Transformation Imperatives
  • Business Strategy is Changing
  • Where IT Succeeds
  • Where IT Falls Short
  • IT is Slowly Adapting to Changes
  • Current State of IT Strategy
  • The Future State of IT
  • Future-State IT Vision
  • Planning IT Strategy

Who should buy the IT Strategy planning guide and template?

Capstera’s IT Strategy Guide should benefit anyone responsible for developing IT strategy, IT Operating Models, and execution plans such as:

  • CIOs and IT leaders
  • Enterprise architects
  • IT Professionals


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Technology Strategy for the Digital Age


Licensing Options
Product FAQs