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Stratrix’s Strategy to Execution Toolkit bridges the gap between a company’s vision, mission, and strategy, and the blocking and tackling that is execution.  The Strategy to Execution Plan balances the aspirations and ideas with pragmatic and practical approaches to get things done.

Companies spend a lot of time on annual planning cycles to define a strategy. Or even in companies where there is a long-term strategy in place, yearly refreshes are quite frequent.  All the executive focus and attention are on the strategy portion, and often the execution of that strategy is left to various teams.  In many cases, the plan does not translate clearly into operational initiatives, and that gap between strategy and implementation afflicts many firms and delivers suboptimal results.

In fact, HBR notes that 67% of well-formulated strategies failed due to poor execution.

What is Stratrix Strategy to Execution Toolkit?

Stratrix Strategy to Execution Plan Template is a comprehensive guide and a playbook that helps corporate strategists and operational executives to derive an implementation plan. The strategy to execution plan converts the strategic game plan into an operational blueprint.  One differentiating factor is Stratrix leverages the tenets of business architecture to bridge the strategy to execution gap.

The Strategy to Execution Toolkit comprises of the following:

  • A strategy to execution framework that outlines various components of strategic planning and an implementation roadmap.
  • Simple and straightforward guides and tutorials to help define various sections.
  • A set of templates that help define strategy and then the resulting implementation plan.
  • A PowerPoint template to create your company’s strategy to an execution plan.

The tools and templates are in various Microsoft Office formats – Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. These are editable and customizable models to make it your own.

Specifically, the Strategy to Execution Toolkit comprises of 12-steps and includes several templates.

Strategy to Execution Framework: 12 Steps to Success

  1. Define Business Strategy
  2. Detailed Product and Platform Definition
  3. Capability Architecture – Business capabilities necessary to operationalize and optimize strategy
  4. Capability Prioritization and Rationalization
  5. Platform and Application Mapping
  6. Data and Information Analysis
  7. Solution Analysis
  8. Estimation and Prioritization
  9. Initiative Mapping, Sequencing, and Roadmap Development
  10. Project Composition and Work Stream Plans
  11. Transitioning from Capabilities to Defining IT Services
  12. Metrics and KPIs to measure Success

How should companies use Strategy to Execution Toolkit?

One of the characteristics of large firm is silos, and the strategy to execution toolkit helps break those silos between planning and strategy and implementation.  Firms should use the strategy to execution tools and templates to translate the “Why” (Strategy) and “What” capabilities to “How” “Who” “Where” “When” and “With What” (Implementation Plan).

The robust templates, management concepts, and frameworks will provide the necessary intellectual gravitas while the models offer a pragmatic fill in the blanks clarity.

The strategy to execution tools and templates will become the glue that binds the two sides together and offer a common lingua franca to achieve results.

What is the ROI of purchasing the Strategy to Execution Toolkit?

The primary goals of Stratrix Strategy Definition and Execution Mapping toolset are to:

  1. Provide clarity and coherence about the process of bridging the strategy and execution gap.
  2. Accelerate time to completion by providing tools and templates.
  3. Help avoid the whiteboard or blank slate syndrome of starting from scratch

If you look at the cost of hiring even a solo consultant, the price could be in tens of thousands of dollars, if not over six figures.  And imagine the time savings by not having to spend countless hours in conference rooms pouring over minutiae over coffee.

At $999, the cost is less than an hour, which a team of 4-5 spends in preparing the strategy and execution plan.


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Strategy to Execution Toolkit


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Product FAQs