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The Sales Strategy and Planning Toolkit from Stratrix includes tools, tutorials, and templates to accelerate the sales planning and presentation process.  The toolkit comprises spreadsheet templates for compiling, analyzing, and planning and a professionally designed Sales Strategy PowerPoint presentation to showcase the plan.

What is Sales Strategy and Plan?

A sales strategy and plan is an articulation of how to get more customers to buy the products, services, and experiences from your company to drive revenues.  Revenue, in particular, profitable revenue, is the lifeblood of an organization.  The sales strategy and plan is an integrated process to set objectives, define policies, and plan initiatives to orchestrate the sales team in pursuit of achieving the revenue numbers.

The Sales Strategy and Planning includes an assessment of the current state, forecasting future sales, identifying ways to drive prospects through the sales funnel, conversion optimization, deal closing, and relationship management strategies. An integral part of the sales strategy and planning are lead generation, pipeline management, sales force optimization, territory management, sales compensations, sales operations, and sales analytics.

Research indicates that companies with a well-formulated sales strategy and plan generate more revenue.

What does Stratrix Sales Strategy and Plan Toolkit include?

A set of Excel, PowerPoint, and Word templates to define sales strategy and execution plan

  • Sales department current state assessment
  • Sales forecast template
  • Salesforce planning template
  • Sales compensation and incentive planning template
  • Sales Funnel Template
  • Sales Model Definition Template
  • Territory Planning Template
  • Sales team org chart template
  • Customer segmentation Template
  • Marketing imperative to achieve sales template

Sales Strategy and Plan PowerPoint Template:

All of this will culminate in a ~40-slide PowerPoint presentation template for showcasing Sales Strategy and Plan to internal stakeholders.

The Outline of the Sales Strategy and Plan PowerPoint Template:

The Sales Strategy PowerPoint Template includes slides to represent the following.  Not all slides may be relevant to your company based on your sales model, distribution channels, and other factors. All the slides are editable and customizable to your needs.  If you need help customizing the sales strategy and plan PowerPoint, please contact us.

  • Sales Teams Vision and Mission
  • Retrospective: The Previous Sales Year in Review
  • Market Landscape Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • SWOT Analysis of the Sales Function
  • Sales Goals and Revenue Objective for the Next Year
  • Sales Forecasts – Customer Segments, Geography, Product/Services, etc.
  • Sales Strategies to achieve revenue goals
  • Sales Plan:
    • Revenue Breakdown
    • Strategy Summary
    • Sales Initiatives
    • Marketing Strategy and Support
    • Sales Budget
    • Sales Funnel
    • Territory Planning
    • Sales Distribution and Partner Strategy
    • SalesForce Planning
    • Sales Compensation and Incentives
    • Sales Operations
    • Sales Success Metrics
    • Sales Tools and Technology
    • Sales Methodology Improvement
    • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Appendix:
    • Marketing Strategy
    • Marketing Components
    • Marketing Spend Mix

A Sneak Peek of the Sales Strategy and Plan PowerPoint Template:

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Who should Use the Sales Strategy and Planning Toolkit?

  • Chief Revenue Officers and Sales Executives of large firms.
  • Owners and executives of small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Sales Planning consultants and agencies who provide marketing services.


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Sales Strategy and Planning Toolkit


Licensing Options
Product FAQs