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Stratrix Project Management Checklists is a compilation of handy checklists across a range of activities that are an integral part of any large project or program.

Today, enterprise projects and programs are extensive in scope, complex by content, and paramount by way of outcomes.   Hence, it seems project management requires project management. That is where the Stratrix Project Management Checklists can be a powerful tool to get a grasp of the projects on hand and ensure all the critical tasks to complete a specific workstream or activity.

What does Project Management Checklists Include?

Stratrix Project Management Checklists is a deliverable comprising of 15 different checklists for various phases, workstreams, and activities.

A representative list of the items are as follows:

  1. Enterprise Operations Analysis Checklist
  2. Project Business Case Checklist
  3. Project Capacity Planning Checklist
  4. Change Management Checklist
  5. Project Charter Checklist
  6. Project Communications Checklist
  7. Data Conversion Checklist
  8. Project Execution Checklist
  9. RAID (Risks, Assumptions, Issues, Dependencies) Plan Checklist
  10. Project Plan Checklist
  11. Training Planning Checklist
  12. WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) Plan Checklist
  13. Requirements Gathering Checklist
  14. Project Retrospective Checklist
  15. Project Close-Out Checklist

Each of these checklists is available in a Spreadsheet format with a list of items and a column to define the completion status.

Why are Checklists Important?

Checklists are an essential tool in many mission-critical endeavors.  From airline pilots to surgeons, checklists are the way they ensure things get done.

In his famous book The Checklist Manifesto, Atul Gawande masterfully documents the importance of checklists. The book’s main point is simple and yet powerful: It does not matter how expertise you possess; a well-designed checklist takes the risk of missing something essential and improves the outcomes.

No wonder the same principles hold in the discipline of project management, and a set of checklists will help drive positive outcomes.

Who should use Stratrix Project Management Checklists?

Leaders in medium and large companies in-charge of projects and programs will benefit from the project management checklists.

The use cases for leveraging Project Management Checklists range from pre-project planning to execution to closeout.

The project management checklists apply to any project or program, but the applicability increases manifold when the projects include technology/systems enablement.


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Project Management Checklists


Licensing Options
Product FAQs