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The Marketing Strategy and Planning Toolkit is a set of templates and deliverables to jumpstart the marketing planning and roadmap development process.

The marketing strategy and planning toolkit comprises of templates for current state marketing assessment, marketing budget allocation, marketing components and budget allocation, and a calendar view of the marketing activities.

In today’s digital and cognitive world, the customer expectations are high, in part driven by their experiences from the best-in-class digital natives.  Also, the advent of mobile and social channels and the information overload makes creating a thoughtful marketing strategy and plan a strategic imperative for most companies.

Besides, in the last decade, marketing technologies have undergone a seismic shift with analytics-driven marketing and the ability to measure the outcomes.

What is Marketing Strategy and Planning?

Marketing strategy and planning are the holistic and integrated set of activities and plans to orchestrate outcomes ranging from building brand equity to driving leads/sales.

Each year marketing strategists collaborate with the corporate planning, sales, operations, and finance teams to draft an annual marketing plan. (Or if it is a rolling 3-year or 5-year marketing strategy blueprint, then a yearly refresh of the coming year is the norm.) The marketing toolkit and marketing strategy presentation template are useful for marketing transformation projects as well as an annual planning exercise.

The Typical Components of a Marketing Strategy and Plan Document:

  • Executive Summary
  • Current State Assessment of Marketing – State of Process, People, Strategies, and Technology
  • Summary of business and sales goals and the strategic imperatives for Marketing
  • Vision and Mission for the Marketing function
  • Marketing Goals, Objectives, and Key Result Areas for the upcoming year
  • Core Strategy Pillars for Marketing
  • Critical Marketing Capabilities
  • Marketing Plan and Blueprint:
    • Advertising and Promotion
    • Public Relations (Press, Analysts, Influencers, Government, and other stakeholders)
    • Digital Marketing (Social Media engagement, Search marketing, inbound content marketing, etc.)
    • Events Marketing (Trade Shows, Webinars, Conferences)
    • Growth Hacking
  • Marketing Staffing
  • Marketing Tools and Technologies
  • Marketing Budgeting and Allocation
  • Metrics and Measurement
  • Marketing Calendar
  • Marketing Risks and Mitigation Strategies

What is Marketing Strategy and Planning Toolkit?

Stratrix Marketing Strategy and Planning Toolkit comprises of the following:

  • Templates to conduct current state assessment
  • Marketing Component Planning Template
  • Marketing Budget Template
  • Marketing Calendar Template
  • Marketing Strategy and Plan Presentation Template (PowerPoint)

The Marketing Strategy and Plan Presentation template in PowerPoint format has <# Slides>. The best-in-class Marketing Strategy PowerPoint template is easily customizable to the needs of your enterprise.

Marketing Strategy and Plan PowerPoint Template Slides at a Glance:

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Who should Use the Marketing Strategy and Planning Toolkit?

  • C.M.O.s (Chief Marketing Officers) and Marketing Executives of large firms.
  • Owners and executives of small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Marketing consultants and agencies who provide marketing services.


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Marketing Strategy and Planning Toolkit


Licensing Options
Product FAQs