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Stratrix Innovation Assessment Toolkit allows companies to evaluate their innovation quotient – spanning innovation culture, innovation readiness, innovation segmentation, innovation profile, innovation capabilities and competencies, and a prioritized list of pathbreaking possibilities.

In today’s digital world, just making improvements is akin to standing still.  Innovation is the only way to leapfrog. Yet, leaders in enterprises are unsure of how to evaluate, understand, and spur innovation across the firm, not as a rare event, but as an ongoing process.

Innovations take many forms and impact various aspects of an enterprise.  Breakthrough innovations may be few and far between. Experimental innovations may include some blue-sky ideas. Incremental improvements are the bread and butter of most corporate innovation efforts.

Before plunking down millions of dollars in pursuit of breakthroughs and endeavors for enterprise transformation through innovation, it will behoove corporate leaders to know where they stand, which in turn can allow them to chart a path forward.

Unless you are already on one of the lists of top innovative enterprises, the toolkit to evaluate innovation will come in handy.

Stratrix Innovation Assessment Toolkit provides a simple blueprint to understand the state of innovation in the firm.

What does Innovation Assessment Toolkit include?

The Innovation Assessment toolkit comprises of the following:

  • Innovation Assessment Questionnaire – A template to evaluate innovation in the enterprise
  • Third Horizon Innovations (using the classic McKinsey 3 Horizons Method) – Identifying long-term pathbreaking innovations
  • Innovation Projects Prioritization Matrix –  Prioritizing ideas on multiple factors
  • Types of Innovation Archetypes – A framework that segments innovations into four buckets.
  • Innovation Capabilities – A list of capabilities and competencies and assessment criteria
  • Innovation Profile Worksheet – Listing of past innovations into innovation segments

What are the benefits of the Stratrix Innovation Assessment Toolkit?

  • The innovation evaluation tools and templates are easy to use and will allow an enterprise to determine the current state of innovation. (Most of the tools are in office productivity applications format – PowerPoint, Excel, and Word.)
  • Instead of anecdotes, opinions, and gutfeel, the innovation evaluation toolkit offers a structured and constructive way to identify the status of the innovation practice.
  • Companies typically hire consulting firms to such innovation assessments, and depending on the firm; the expense may range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. (Of course, to justify the price, consulting firms add more layers of complexity to the project, customize the assessment, and provide a set of recommendations.) Instead, for a fraction of the cost and limited time and effort, companies can define the status of innovation effectively and efficiently.

Who should use the Innovation Toolkit?

Today, firms of all sizes are embarking on expensive digital transformation journeys.  Innovations could be the difference between achieving parity versus leapfrogging the competition and building sustainable competitive advantage.  Hence, firms of all sizes in competitive markets will benefit from the Stratrix Innovation Assessment Toolkit.

Specifically, leaders in-charge of innovation, re-engineering, automation, and transformation would benefit from the innovation evaluation tools and templates.

What are the scenarios and use cases when Innovation Evaluation Tools and Templates are helpful?

Assessing innovation and understanding the current status is valuable as a part of corporate planning endeavors. However, the following can be strong trigger points to leverage the innovation assessment toolkit.

  • Before establishing an innovation incubator or an innovation practice
  • As an integral part of significant transformation events – re-engineering, automation, cognitive technology adoption, and digitalization.
  • An innovation assessment as a planning exercise before any significant corporate actions such as outsourcing, divestiture, acquisitions, and mergers.
  • A foundational step in long-term corporate planning and change efforts.


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Innovation Assessment Toolkit


Licensing Options
Product FAQs