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Stratrix Distinctive Competencies Template is a strategic tool to help business executives and entrepreneurs assess, analyze, and finalize the specific standout capabilities and competencies that set them apart in the marketplace.

What are Distinctive Competencies?

Distinctive Competencies are a set of organizational or product level characteristics –  skills, capabilities, human capital, processes, technology, marketing, and advertising, sales, and distribution channels and others – that offer the company a competitive differentiation and market advantage.

While enterprise-level distinctive competencies will have a bearing on the products and services of a firm, it is far from guaranteed that the same unique set of capabilities will translate well into a new market, new product, or new geography.

Sometimes, while the initial set of distinctive competencies may naturally emerge, in general, firms need to work hard on identifying, nurturing, safeguarding, upgrading, and leveraging unique skills.

At times, there is also a confusion between core competencies and distinctive competencies.  Think of them similar in nature but different in degree. For example, there may be several core competencies, but which ones separate your enterprise from the rest? For example, many companies may consider design to be a core competency, but perhaps companies like Apple have elevated design to an art form delivered scientifically and systematically, and hence it is a distinctive competency and a potent competitive advantage.

What are some examples of Distinctive Competencies?

There may be several core competencies, but here are some distinctive competencies (one among many) for some famous brands.

Amazon.com – Vast category and product selection.

Starbucks – High-end coffee in ambient neighborhood locations.

McDonalds –  Clean, Fast, and Value for Money.

BMW – Solid, sporty, and thrilling ride.

What does the Distinctive Competencies Template Include?

Distinctive Competencies Template includes the following:

  • A PowerPoint Template to document and present the distinctive competencies.
  • A set of examples to inspire your thinking.
  • A list with a standard set of competencies and capabilities to pick from.
  • An article explaining in detail the concept of distinctive capabilities and competencies.

Who should use the Distinctive Competencies Template?

Stratrix Distinctive Competencies Template is useful for entrepreneurs, startup founders, executives at large firms, corporate strategists, and product managers.  Think of the distinctive capabilities and competencies tool to identify and harness your company or product-level competitive advantage.


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Distinctive Competencies Template


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