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The Corporate Strategy and Planning Toolkit is a set of templates and deliverables to jumpstart the corporate planning and roadmap development process.

The corporate strategy and planning toolkit comprises of templates for current state enterprise assessment, tips for future state envisioning, strategic options builder, high-level budget allocation, core initiatives, and a calendar view of the execution activities.

With globalization, hyper-competition, digital disruption, and changing customer expectations, companies are finding that a sound corporate/business strategy is imperative to survive, and hopefully thrive.  An effective enterprise business strategy does not guarantee results, but without a cohesive strategy, what ensues is cacophony and chaos.

What is Corporate Strategy and Planning (or Business Strategy Definition)?

Corporate strategy and planning are the holistic and integrated set of activities and plans to orchestrate and achieve desired outcomes ranging from revenue growth to culture change, from overseas expansion to operations rationalization.

Each year corporate strategists collaborate with the C-suite, sales and marketing, finance and operations teams, among others, to draft an annual strategic plan. (Or if it is a rolling 3-year or 5-year strategy blueprint, then a yearly refresh for the coming year is the norm.)

The Typical Components of a Corporate Strategy and Plan Document:

  • Executive Summary
  • PESTLE Analysis
  • Current State Assessment of the enterprise – Products/Markets, Process/Operations, People, Strategies, and Technology, etc.
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Vision and Mission
  • Goals, Objectives, and Key Result Areas for the upcoming year
  • Core Strategy Pillars
  • Corporate Strategy Blueprint
    • Current to Future State Gap Analysis
    • Initiatives and Programs
    • Staffing and Structure
    • Information Technology
    • High-level Capital Budgeting and Allocation
    • Metrics and Measurement
    • Execution Calendar
    • Risks and Mitigation Strategies

What is Corporate Strategy and Planning Toolkit?

Stratrix Corporate Strategy and Planning Toolkit comprises of the following:

  • Templates to conduct current state assessment
  • Future State Envisioning Tips and Templates
  • Initiative Planning Template
  • High-level Capital Budgeting Template
  • Initiatives and Programs List Template
  • Corporate Strategy and Plan Presentation Template (PowerPoint)

The Corporate Strategy and Plan Presentation template in PowerPoint format has <XYZ Number of Slides>. The best-in-class Business Strategy PowerPoint template is easily customizable to the needs of your enterprise.

Corporate Strategy and Plan PowerPoint Slides at a Glance:

Who should Use the Corporate Strategy and Planning Toolkit?

  • Corporate Strategists of large firms.
  • Owners and executives of small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Strategy consultants who provide corporate planning services.


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Corporate Strategy and Planning Toolkit


Licensing Options
Product FAQs