Time Management Checklist for Those Who are Always Late

Time Management Checklist for Those Who are Always LateHere is a time management checklist for those who are always late. Are you one of those people who despite all good intention is always late? Did your bosses frown and your colleagues squirm as you waltz into meetings late? Have your dates left you high and dry after waiting for a while and then left without a note. Or do you make your spouse mad and smoke out of the ears as they wait in the car for what seems like an eternity?

Punctuality is important. Being always late is not only rude but also will result in other bad situations. Like a missed flight or a potential for an accident as you zoom in your car to get somewhere before you are too late.

There are many reasons why someone is late. Sometimes reasons may be genuine, but in some cases it may be to demonstrate who’s the boss, so to speak.

Irrespective, if you are chronically late and your work and life are in shatters, it is time for you to take responsibility and get back on track.

Here is a checklist of time management techniques to help break your habit and train yourself to be punctual.

BTW, there are several other checklists for time management, but what sets our apart is you can customize the list, make it your own, and check off items as you knock them down. It is a live and dynamic time management checklist that you can put into practice.

Time Management Checklist for Those Who are Always Late.

    Identify what type of habitually late comer are you. (Courtesy of Diana DeLonzor, author of Never Be Late Again.)

    • The Deadliner who enjoys the rush of the last minute.
    • The Producer needs to get as much done in as little time as possible.
    • The Absent-Minded Professor is easily distracted.
    • The Rationalizer who never fully acknowledges being late.
    • The Indulger who generally lacks self-control.