Starting a Business Checklist

Starting a Business ChecklistStarting a Business Checklist is a comprehensive resource of 101 checklist items to help you launch your dream business. At the outset congratulations on taking the first toward entrepreneurship and secondly we commend you for researching a starting a business checklist. While a dream is what drives an entrepreneur, it is the research, planning, operational excellence, and financial management that will help you succeed.

Starting and operating a business is a complex endeavor, and a business owner has to be ambidextrous to take on many challenges and tackle the numerous obstacles on the way to building a viable company.

From legal to regulatory, from sales to customer service, from product development to marketing, from operations to employee management, there are tasks galore and deadlines aplenty for a startup founder.

A startup business checklist is one resource that can help you in keeping tabs of all the big and small things and ensure nothing slips through the cracks.’s startup checklist is comprehensive and has 101 items and covers all bases.

However, we understand no business startup checklist will fit all situations. A brick and mortar store is different than an e-commerce venture. A local service business is different than a manufacturing business. So we offer a checklist for starting a business that is comprehensive and yet customizable. Make it your own and then manage the checklist online.

Starting a Business Checklist

    Validating the Business Idea:

    • Explore whether you have the entrepreneurial mettle to start the business.
    • Dispassionately analyze the viability of the business idea
    • Dissect your finances to determine if you can survive without income during the pre-revenue phase.
    • If your business requires funding, evaluate whether it is a fundable idea?
    • Assess the target market and the overall addressable market size for the business.