Leadership Development Program Checklist

Leadership Development Program ChecklistSetting up a Leadership Development Program is a foundational step and should be a core area of focus or the CEO and the rest of the C-Suite.

Enterprises need a methodical plan and flawless execution to be able to identify, attract, fill, and retain corporate leadership talent. The leadership development plan is not just about organizing some training programs or sending off a few executives to a retreat, but so much more and encompasses the entire lifecycle spanning hiring strategies, employee development, career and succession planning, and retention.

Companies the world over are fighting over a small pool of leadership talent. Given the scarcity of talent and the stiff competition, companies cannot just rely on “just-in-time hiring” of leadership talent. They need to work on building a pipeline of leaders, nurture and grow that pipeline, and ensure constant monitoring and tweaking to keep the program relevant to the times. There are many leadership attributes that go beyond functional skills.

Remember the importance of a good leadership pipeline: “A good leader can make a success of a weak business plan, but a poor leader can ruin even the best plan.”

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Leadership Development Program Checklist

    Identify leadership development programs, methods, and techniques

    • Coaching
    • Mentoring
    • University certifications and programs
    • Online courses
    • Leadership Seminars