Entrepreneurship Skills Checklist

Entrepreneurship Skills ChecklistEntrepreneurship Skills Checklist is a simple way to assess your readiness to be an entrepreneur. Starting and running a business is one of the most difficult endeavors and requires a slew of skills and competencies.

While some of the skills are functional and technical skills, many deals with emotional competencies.

Skills and competencies are dynamic and evolving all the time, and hence this is not a one and done snapshot but a foundation for continuous improvement.

Below is the summary of the skills and competencies that will help the odds of success for an entrepreneur.

Once you complete the entrepreneurship skills checklist, please identify the areas where you need help and create a plan to get better. Please know that this is a continuous journey.

    Entrepreneurship Skills Checklist

    • Time management skills. I know how to manage my schedule and prioritize the most important items.
    • Delegation skills. I know I can’t do it all and some people can do things better than I can do. I delegate with broad authority, and I only provide broad direction.
    • Sales skills. As an entrepreneur, the products and services of my company are a reflection of my vision. Hence I know how to sell and persuade skeptics. I will not shy away from selling.
    • Communication skills. I am articulate and can communicate via written and spoken words effectively and persuasively.
    • Focus. Instead of getting distracted, I can maintain my attention on what matters.