Daily Productivity Checklist

Daily Productivity ChecklistWhile long-term plans and goal visualization are important, a daily productivity checklist is in the moment and has the biggest impact. As we win each day, the successes build up and our weeks, months, and years will end up being stellar.

What is a Daily Productivity Checklist?

A daily productivity checklist is a set of items you must do to maintain a solid pace and get things done each day. As you create and adhere to a daily productivity plan, it helps you build good practices. A checklist to boost your productivity incorporate more energizers into the mix and reduces the blockers.

A daily productivity checklist is something that you will have to deliberately practice until it is ingrained into your mind and being as second nature. That will take time. Until then, please take the checklist to boot daily productivity and make it your own.

Unlike many of the other checklists which are nothing but a PDF list or a hard copy print out, with Stratrix you can customize the checklist to your own needs, and then check off items as you complete them. Of course, you can also print, copy, and share the checklist.

    Daily Productivity Checklist

    • Wake up without hitting the snooze button on the alarm.
    • Try a quick burst of exercise that gets your heart pumping.
    • Every morning, practice 10-minutes of meditation or mindfulness exercise.
    • Start the day right with a healthy breakfast.
    • Check your email briefly but don’t stress over it.