25 UX Best Practices Checklist

25 UX Best Practices Checklist25 UX Best Practices Checklist or User Experience best practices checklist is a quick summary of things a designer and product owner has to keep in mind while designing a product or a service. The goal is making user life easier and their experience delightful.

User experience design is a complex endeavor that aims to simplify the end user life. The i-phone may have a ton of wizardry and complexity under the cover, but the user experience is awesome. The same is true with a Swiss Watch. All these user experience design marvels do not happen by accident or happenstance. A product vision combined with a relentless focus on usability, simplicity, and intuitiveness creates silk as a smooth experience and product delight. Make the user feel important, intelligent, and inspired to use the product.

The 25 UX Best Practices Checklist includes a comprehensive set of ideas, practices, and perspectives which will enable the design team to excel.

Of course, not all products require the same set of depth and breadth of design patterns. Hence, please customize the list to your design project needs and use it as a foundational validation mechanism.

Stratrix checklists are not static. They are real, live, dynamic – you may add or modify, and check off items as they happen and manage the checklist online. Talk about better user experience.

Without much further ado, here is a checklist of best practices for user experience design (UXD) projects.

    UX Best Practices Checklist

    • Understand the product or service.
    • Document the flows.
    • Define the audience.
    • Develop sample personas.
    • Create journey maps.